Surveying & Construction

Surveying with a UAV could not be simpler…With High Definition (HD) video and high-resolution photography, OverHD can provide detailed imagery useful for a variety of Survey & Inspection projects. We are able to capture pin sharp images of a specific area or whole buildings, anywhere in the U.K. These are neatly presented in an interactive presentation for inspection later on.

Scaffolding and safety harnesses are not required, therefore the Drone – UAV not only saves you time and money but eliminates the risk to your staff. A UAV can record property, land and geological features, making it a suitable, cost-effective way of assisting Surveying work.

Aerial Surveys previously have been notoriously expensive operations, however with access to innovations such as our Aerial Drones, we are able to survey most areas without any inconvenience and at a cost that won’t break the bank.
Our aerial camera drone is able to fly from just 2 inches to 400ft above ground making it able to reach and view areas without the need for scaffolding or cranes, therefore being a far more convenient and impressive way to complete the task.

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